LEVEL: Extras

Welcome to the “Advanced Transcriptions”!

Many of you have asking me if I could cover some of my solos from the YouTube videos at the Academy. Generally, there are always intersections between my releases and the Academy – however, in this category, you will find accurate transcriptions of selected videos.

For the regular “Academy Lessons,” the focus is on imparting knowledge for players of all levels. In contrast, the solos at this section are freely improvised and technical more demanding than anything else. Perfectly for those who want to challenge themselves beyond the regular Academy lessons.

In the “Advanced Transcriptions” category, you will find only accurate transcriptions for you to work through independently, without additional explanations.

Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome – just contact us through the contact form.

Juli 2024: Transkription – Made In France (Joscho Stephan Trio)