LEVEL: Intermediate

This lesson is going to be a little bit different from all the other lessons we have here at the Academy.
It has been out for a while now, but we have an update for you.

First, you will learn how to play “Exactly Like You”, which is a popular jazz standard and one of my favorite recordings of Django Reinhardt.
Second, I am going to show you my way of how you can work with the material that is already available online.
In this example, I have recorded a solo that is 100% based on existing lessons from the Academy. I used parts of many songs for this solo, including Sweet Georgia Brown, MinorBlues, Swing 42, Honeysuckle Rose, Oh Lady Be Good, All Of Me, Jattendrai, Djangos Tiger & Joseph Joseph.

This is intended to show you an alternative way in which you can work with the transcriptions.

As a little bonus there is a trio video for “Exactly like you”. In addition to the video (which you can also find on YouTube) there are also the isolated tracks available, so that you can either play the part of Sven, the part of Volker or the part of me.┬áHave fun!

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