LEVEL: Intermediate

In this lesson we will study the theme and solo of “Hallo, kleines Fräulein”, a delightful song by the famous German jazz trio “Die drei Travellers”. The title is in German, which translates as “Hallo, kleines Fräulein”.

 The chord structure is inspired by classic jazz standards such as “Sweet Georgie Brown” or “All of me”, which is familiar territory for us.

However, what makes this version different is the way we’ll be approaching the theme chordally, creating a chordal melody. We’ll be exploring the option notes of each chord to add fresh variations to the melody.
During the solo transcription, you’ll be introduced to some lovely Django/Gypsy Swing phrases to add a touch of this signature style to your repertoire. There’s also a few Joe Pass-style licks to spice up your playing.